ITE Meeting: 2019 Winter Week 1

Hello Everyone, welcome back to campus! Here is the meeting recap for Week 1:

1. Please complete the Survey for Fehr and Peers Office Visit and Anaheim TMC Tour. The survey can be found on Canvas under “Quizzes” section. You may not be able to access class website on Canvas now, but we will make sure you can access the website before next class so you can complete the survey. Thank you for your patience.

2. Group Assignment:

Based on the survey result, we finished group assignment as follows:

Group 1 (Communication):

-Daisy Garcia

-Karina Carrillo

-Nathan Brown

-Dawn Malla

Group 2 (Simulation):

-Zermina Wadood

-Michael Torres

-Graduate Students

Group 3 (Implementation) are divided into three subgroups based on different vendors:

Group 3A (Traffic Cast):

-Rvee Pontepsiripong

-Maria Soriano

-Zar Ni Hein

-Lauren Stafford

Group 3B (Econolite):

-Joseph Lo

-Kimberly Cervantes

-Marcellino Kurniawan

-Angelo Pastelin

Group 3C (Siemens):

-Doron Ilisirov

-Po Chee Leung

-Michelle Nguyen

-Zeyu He

3.  Traffic Bowl

Please see attached link for the quizlet terms for Traffic Bowl. Thank you for all that signed up for traffic bowl but unfortunately we can only have a total of 4 members. So we will have a 25- 30 question quiz during class next week. The quiz WILL NOT be multiple choice in order to get into the mindset of actual traffic bowl competition. The 4 highest scores will be UCI’s ITE official traffic bowl team. If you’re NOT interested in doing traffic bowl you do not have to take the quiz next week. If there are any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the quizlet terms or the quiz please email us back about it. Thank you.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us! Thank you! 
Bill Zhou