ITE Meeting: 2019 Winter Week 5

Week 5 Meeting Recap

1. Fehr and Peers office visit will happen on Feb 22nd Friday 1:30pm. The tour will last for around two hours or less. Free Lunch will be provided. Ridersheet will be provided by the end of this week.


2. Presentation due Feb 13th 11:59pm, Proposal due Feb 21st midnight. Please upload your presentation slides on Canvas, one submission per group. For presentation, each member of the team needs to present. The presentation includes 5 minutes of presentation and 3 minutes of Q&A session. Sample of presentation and proposal from last year can be found on Canvas, click “Files” then “2018-2019 UCI ITE Project” to access the file.

*Detailed outline and format of Proposal and Presentation can be found in “ITE Week 4 Meeting.pdf” page 4 &5.

Good luck with your midterms!

Bill Zhou