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The ITE annual transportation project is the primary activity of the UCI Student Chapter of the Institute of Transportation Engineers. A project is selected in the fall, the work continues through the winter, and a final report is written and a presentation is made to the Southern California ITE professional chapter in the spring. The annual project typical relates to a contemporary concept in traffic engineering, transportation modeling, or other areas of transportation engineering. All project tasks are completed by the Chapter, often with the cooperation of local agencies or firms.

From 2017-2018, UCI conducted a research project in collaboration with the city of Anaheim. The matter of focus was on the test of dedicated short-range communications (DSRCs) and the readiness of this new technology for connected vehicles. Aside from the development of these products, the interoperability of such installed onboard units (OBUs) and roadside units (RSUs) used to communicate was analyzed. To conclude the findings, such incompatibilities can halt the potential of communicating efficiently between different vendors of use. Thus meaning that communication was limited and fallible which leaves room for more progress.

And from our studies and suggestions presented, we are beyond thankful to be awarded as  2nd place in the Annual ITE SoCal/Orange County Traffic Engineers Council Student Presentation Night for our project.

In addition to last year’s project, UCI is proud to announce that we have chosen to continue the development of DSRCs. We are honored to have the opportunity to work with the city of Anaheim once again. Our new objective is now catered to the advancement of applications towards the assistance to drivers and pedestrians in regards to connected vehicles.


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