UCI Banquet

(May 11, 2017). Thank you to everyone who attended the end of the year banquet! We had a handful of faculty, alumni, and professionals from various companies including Iteris, Inc. and Kittleson show up. All three teams did a wonderful job presenting (shout out to the presenters: Group 1- Karen and Brando, Group 2 – Elaine, Harrison, and Mai, and Group 3 – Lorenzo and Bowen) and the audience’s feedback was very helpful and greatly appreciated. Next is the Student Presentation Night next Wednesday where we will be representing our school’s chapter of ITE against several other schools. Below are some pictures of the banquet, if you would like a copy of one of the photos please contact Lydia Chun.

KOA Corporation

(April 5, 2017). Big thank you to Wyatt from KOA Corporation for coming to speak with us today about his experience transitioning from a student to a professional and career opportunities! He exposed us to some of the projects he has worked on and is currently working on. To see open positions with KOA Corp., follow this link

Fehr and Peers Speakers

Elliot Huang (left) and Spencer Reed (right)

(February 1, 2017). ITE welcomed two guest speakers, Elliot Huang and Spencer Reed, from Fehr and Peers. The presentation began with a brief history and background of the company including company values and available services. Then, Elliot and Spencer compared the pros and cons of a career in the private and public sector. Fehr and Peers is recruiting interns at all their locations for the semester, summer, or year in addition to entry-level positions at specific locations. Those interested can apply to open positions at

SinWaves Meeting

UCI ITE members 

ITE faculty advisors, executive board, and PhD mentors with the SinWaves team
Tim Menard (left) and Nicholas Johnson (right)

(January 25, 2017). Big thank you to Tim and Nicholas for driving down from Northern California to bring us their new technology. At the meeting, ITE members split into their respective teams and got familiar with the devices. Tim then took members outside to run a quick tutorial test in the field. Teams now have a better understanding of the scope of the project and can now begin analysis. Pictures and information regarding specifics of the technology will not be made available to the general public until the project’s confidentiality is lifted.

Team Proposal Presentations


(January 18, 2017). Each team for the annual project presented their team proposals and how they plan to achieve certain objectives. To see the presentations, go to the Annual Project tab and click on “Current Project”.

Furthermore, each team was assigned to a PhD graduate student mentor to aid them for the duration of the project. Riju Lavanya (left) will be leading Team 1. Marjan Mosslemi (center) with Team 2. And Navjyoth Jayashankar (right) with Team 3.

Introductory Meeting with SinWaves


(December 7, 2016). Tim Menard of SinWaves flew down from Northern California to speak to the ITE members regarding the project. He talked of the creation of the company, the importance of radar and sensors in automated vehicles, and introduced the design concept of the product that we will be testing in the field for our annual project. To see the progress of the annual project, check out the Annual Project tab.

 BMW’s 100th Celebration 

 (October 16, 2016). The BMW Group held a Centennial Student Night in Santa Monica to celebrate their 100th anniversary and introduce their new vision for the future. Over 120 students from colleges and universities throughout Southern California were in attendance. The “Future Exhibit” showcased BMW’s new vehicle concepts for the brands BMW, MINI, Rolls Royce, and BMW Motorrad, all self-driving and luxurious. The evening also consisted of a panel featuring speakers from BMW, UCLA, the CEO of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, and the Commissioner of the California Energy Commission.  Thank you to everyone who was in attendance!

To check out pictures from the event, go to All photo credits go to Lydia Chun.

Kittelson & Assoc.

(October 12, 2016) Kittelson & Associates held an in-class presentation to CEE 121 students. The presentation included a brief background on what Kittelson & Assoc. does and potential careers with the company. To learn more about Kittelson, see their website at

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